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Backstage from the filming of the guard Garantus


Photo stocky guard


The task is to create three videos similar to each other, which should tell about the various objects of the security company. The customer gave the starting vision, which needs to be finalized and brought to the final form.

Style, strict business. Colors, bluish cold. Music, dynamic aggressive. The goal is to show the beautiful work of the guard. Also, do not forget to plan info graphics.

When the idea is finalized, we start creating a storyboard. At the same time, we are preparing for shooting and flying on a drone. We look at the map of the zones free for shooting in the air and prepare the equipment.

Video shooting process

The main problem is, free time for shooting. Since the guards couldn't leave the post for a long time, we need to act quickly! Additionally, employees of a security company, without experience in filming, should become the heroes of our story.

After a short briefing and a couple of takes, the work began. We go according to our plan, shoot all the necessary scenes, also raise the drone and work with it.

photo of the security company's booklet

Processing process

I believe that correctly selected music is seventy percent of success, therefore, each composition was given greater vigilance to the audio accompaniment, precisely those sounds and effects that were needed were added.

No less attention is paid to visual effects and infographics. It remains to paint in the planned colors, and that's it!


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