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Backstage from the filming of Heating Boilers


Photograph of the boiler for heating the room, text Backstage.


First of all, planning. During the shooting of this video, the task was to create a warm, sensitive video that would convey the emotion of home comfort. Also, the task is to demonstrate the capabilities of the device and its operation.

Yes, the primary function of the boiler is to heat the house, but the model we shot had a stove for cooking, which means it is multifunctional! It was decided to use the feature and show a non-standard usage situation. Additionally agreed by the customer, make it beautiful, not standard and convey emotion.

The overall budget for these shoots is low, so we need to prepare and shoot everything in one day. Previously, I saw the location, and by the day of creation, I had built a strategy.

Video shooting process

First you need to prepare a gazebo and put the boiler. Next, create a composition on the table and an atmosphere of comfort and homeliness.

A couple of test takes, setup and finally the shooting process. We kindle a fire, pour water into the kettle and invite the actors to the site. In this case, the shooting process was not strictly linear, so there was a lot of improvisation.

Professional actors did not participate in the frame. The customer wanted to try something new, but did not want to spend extra money, the role of the actor was one of the employees of the company.

Photo of the video shooting process

Processing process

It is at the time of the final processing-montage that the preliminary stages are put together and the final view of the work is formed. Technically, the process is complex, but not always clear to the average viewer. It is necessary to connect the video sequence with each other and the audio sequence so that it seems that this is a single whole.

Most often, the installation is calculated in advance, but still in the process there is not a small part of creativity and creativity. After passing all the tests and spending a dozen hours on processing, you can see the finished result.


Screensaver for a video about heating boilers.