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Dobre Kino video production studio

Over 5 years of experience in creating bold and creative photo and video content.


Photo collage of works by Dobre Kino company, inscription on Showreel images
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Backstage Kirill Dvoinichkov shoots a video for advertising.

Film a video
Create a video for your brand.

drone Autel evo 2

Air filming
Filming from the air is very modern and popular.

drone Autel evo 2
A snapshot of Kirill Dvoinichkov's work in Davinci Resolve.

Processing of video and photo material to the finished product.

3d art. Depicted: car, city, container, text 3d graphics. Author Dvoinichkov Kirill.

3D Graphics
Construction of various graphics for your task.

3d art. Depicted: car, city, container, text 3d graphics. Author Dvoinichkov Kirill.


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1.How much does it cost to create a video? The fastest option is to calculate the price, call or leave your number.
2.How fast is the video created? Simple 2-3 days, medium 5-12 days and complex 12-27 days.
3.Why should you choose us? Style, sense of the frame and versatility, this is why Dobre Kino is so loved.
videographer holding camera for video shooting Kirill Dvoynichkov Founder, creative director, performer. Dobre Kino video production studio - creates videos, graphics, pictures and other visual art.
Dobre, this is a synonym, good, positive, high-quality, this is how you can describe me and my work.

I pay close attention to each partner. I identify the initial need, what exactly the content is needed for and the function that it will perform.
My production approach is to calculate the options on paper, choose the best option, make a product that performs its task in the best possible way.
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